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Join the MyZone AI Wake-up call webinar. Understand and leverage AI. Learn from experts, prepare your workforce for the AI era, and propel your business into the future.

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The MyZone AI
Webinar Advantage

What You Gain from Our AI Wake-up Call Webinar

Unlock the Power of AI

Actionable Insights

Discover the potential of AI in our hands-on webinar. Harness AI to drive innovation and optimize business operations.

Navigating the AI Revolution

Hands-on Guidance

Foster an AI-ready culture and effective collaboration. Gain insights to tackle AI challenges.

AI Integration Path

Strategic Roadmap

Equip your team to navigate the AI era. Learn to manage talent development, ethical concerns, and foster an exponential mindset.

Join the AI Vanguard

Exclusive Network

Connect with a network of professionals and experts. Collaborate and stay updated with AI advancements.

Who is the MyZone AI Wake-up Call Webinar for?

Whether you're a business leader eager to drive innovation, an HR professional planning talent development for the AI era, or a tech enthusiast keen on staying ahead of AI advancements, this webinar is tailored for you.

Ready to Future-proof Your Business?

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip your organization with the tools, strategies, and insights to thrive in the AI-driven world. Sign up today for the MyZone AI Webinar and take a decisive step towards a future of innovation and growth.

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MyZone AI Webinar Details


120 min

Engaging and insightful discussions.



Participate from the comfort of your home or office.

Group Size


Personalized interaction and effective learning



Invest today for tomorrow's success.

Webinar Hosts

Mike Schwarz
Mike Schwarz

CEO, MyZone Marketing

Andrej Simunaj
Andrej Šimunaj

CTO, MyZone Software

Jeanette Tran
Jeanette Tran

Coach, MyZone Mastery

Success Stories From Our Webinar Attendees

“We're leading and creating a world without waste. It's a monumental task that requires exponential thinking from exponential thinkers and Mike is just that. Mike and the team aren't just using tools, they're creating a new business paradigm, or new business thinking. Mike operates from what 'could be', and not 'what was'.”

“Mike & Andrej definitely woke our company up to the risks and opportunities around AI, and helped to get some very important conversations started. We’re excited about the automation opportunities around customer support and training, and the vision of abundance for all. This workshop is highly recommended for anyone that needs to kick start their AI vision!”

Join the MyZone AI Wake-up Call Webinar

Lead Your Organization into the AI Era

The MyZone AI Webinar is more than just a learning session - it's a launchpad for your organization's success in the AI era.

Our experts guide you, our insights empower you, and our community inspires you. Join us today and lead your organization into the AI era with confidence.

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